Product Design

from concept to completion

Bespoke Product Design

Every project is unique and sometimes an opportunity arises to add a special touch with a bespoke luminaire design. The focal feature, the wow factor and a design as unique as the project. Some areas are too intricate and vast to make a statement with an off the shelf product and other times it’s an opportunity to create something in keeping with the exiting architectural style.

Whatever the reason we work together as a team to come up with a bespoke lighting element that fits the brief, working closely with the chosen manufacturer to ensure the finished result is aesthetically pleasing and fully coordinated with the rest of the lighting scheme.



In collaboration with Northern Lights, we have designed a multi layered, large scale feature chandelier. Mounted in the atrium, cascading over the central escalators, it’s the perfect opportunity to look up as you move through the Gate building.

The rings of light of various sizes, layered with blown glass baubles reflecting light and gently shimmering as they sway in the space give the impression of the inside of sparkling wine. The combination of movement and the projections from RGB lights create a truly mesmerising experience that fills the entire space with atmospheric ever changing lighting effects.



The finishing touch to the lighting scheme was this made to measure wooden pendant over the dining room table. At client’s request we have a come up with a simple and elegant solution in keeping with the wooden finishes of the house. A low hanging linear pendant with multiple integrated light sources to achieve a uniform distribution of light over the dining table.



The iconic Suspension bridge over the river Boyne near Drogheda, County Meath in Republic of Ireland required a unique approach to lighting design. The luminaire specification was specifically engineered not only to achieve the desired lighting effect but very importantly to withstand the exposure to the elements being mounted on the side of a bridge. The robust nature of the luminaries makes it a successful project to this day and the individually lit suspension cables beautifully shape the design of the bridge at night.



Bridge lighting design for this iconic city centre footbridge over the River Liffey. Designed in mind with pedestrian use to achieve minimum glare and light spill and instead focus on human centric lighting that is comfortable and inviting.

The additional lighting layers feature the structure of the bridge linking two sides of the town and creating ambient reflections on the river.



City centre public lighting to the listed building and walkways through the centre of historic Chester, in partnership with chartered architects Donald Insall Associates. The project included the design of award winning bespoke luminaires, which added to the charter of the historic walkways, reduced glare and withstand the test of time and exposure to the elements. This projected was commissioned in 1999 and over 20 years later is still relevant and  continue to feature the centre of Chester.



Multi-Media chandelier like no other, displaying high definition creative content as required yet with a clever arrangement of LED strips allowing for linear gaps along the length of the pendant to see through the structure, thus appearing lightweight and not obstructing the view across the foyer.