Ecology & Sustainability

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Ecology & Sustainability

We are committed to providing lighting design solutions that enhance the human experience with a conscious and responsible approach. Our design development process takes into consideration the impact artificial lighting can have on the surrounding areas which can often include nearby communities and wildlife that are sensitive to light pollution.

Research and experience play a key role in decision making to ensure the appropriate choice and application of luminaires for any given project. Seeking innovative ways to come up with solutions to environmental issues can often go hand in hand with cost and energy saving, thus incorporating sustainability in the lighting design approach.

Our design development process takes into consideration the impact artificial lighting can have on the surrounding area.

Wildlife Preservation

Awareness of the disruption that poor lighting design could have on the environment is the first step to avoid it. At SKR Lighting Design we can help to realise projects in an ecological and sustainable way as part of our service at no extra cost to the planet.
Obtrusive existing lighting schemes can have negative effect on the wildlife especially at night time, affecting their habitat, ways of movement and prosperity. It’s our responsibility to preserve the wildlife through considerate lighting schemes that are controlled and switched off when not needed.

Lighting Control

SKR is able to produce lighting design work while collaborating with all members of a client’s design team including architects, interior designers, landscape designers, artists, mechanical and electrical engineers, cost and quantity surveyors and project managers.

In our view a lighting design is not complete until it is fully commissioned on site, therefore SKR is highly experienced to closely monitor and collaborate with on-site works of all associated contractors installing the project.

Luminaire Specification

The choice of luminaire for any given project is a process that balances the choice of style that is in keeping with the conceptual design stage, the light engine that is efficient and compatible with the lighting control strategy, and most importantly the choice of manufacturer.

The warranty of any given product lies with the manufacturer, this is why we request to test luminaires to verify the quality of light output, beam angle, colour temperature consistency and the material it is made of. This is a vital part of our service as it helps to eliminate a potentially inefficient product and avoid the costly hassle of product replacement in case of manufacturing faulty.