Taking lighting design to a new level

We understand the functional and emotional impact that lighting has - and how the perfect lighting design can transform a space from ordinary to exceptional. We are highly skilled in all the technical aspects of each project’s lighting specification needs, and we combine this with our exceptional creative and visual design skills. We aim to evoke the perfect emotional response from everyone who encounters your project.

We work closely with the professionals you’ve engaged on your project – architects, ecologists, planning experts, building contractors – to create a lighting design that meets all of your requirements. We create lighting plans that deliver all the desired impact and energy-efficiency, while also satisfying planning permission requirements for minimal light pollution.

What's more, we believe lighting design is not complete until it is fully commissioned on site: SKR is highly experienced in monitoring and collaborating with contractors installing your project.

Ecology and Planning

Our lighting design solutions aim to enhance the ‘human experience’ of a space in every way, and this includes full consideration of how our lighting designs interact with or impact the surrounding environment. Getting this right is becoming increasingly vital for securing planning permission for your project, whatever the scale.

We therefore take a conscious, responsible and proactive approach to the ecological side of lighting. During the design development process we fully assess the potential impact of artificial lighting on surrounding communities or sensitive wildlife, and offer expert technical advice on the options available. We work closely with experts in these areas to confirm our findings and create the perfect lighting design solution, for your project and the environment it’s in.
Ecology & Sustainability
Lighting Reports for Planning Permission

Architectural Lighting

We have worked on a huge variety of architectural projects over the past 20 years, across many diverse countries and regions. Whilst there are some core design values across all architectural lighting projects, we approach each design separately with the aim of enhancing the unique work of each architect.
Hospitality and Theatrical Lighting
Lighting Historic Buildings and Public Spaces
Retail Lighting
Architectural projects

Lighting for Living

Lighting for living and social spaces requires a slightly different approach. It should be subtle, comfortable, and inviting; not drawing too much attention to itself, but helping to create the required atmosphere. At SKR, we can create the perfect tone for your living space.
Living projects

Bespoke Lighting

Sometimes a project requires a truly bespoke touch: A statement luminaire design as the focal feature of your space.

Perhaps your space is too intricate – or too vast – to use off-the-shelf products, or perhaps you want to create an eye-catching work of art complementing your project’s unique architectural style.

Whatever the reason, we have the creative credentials to come up with a customised lighting feature with real ‘wow factor’. Not only will we design the piece but we’ll work closely with the manufacturer to ensure the finished result really shines.

Bespoke Luminaire Design 
Multimedia Screens
Art Lighting
Event Lighting
Bespoke projects

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