Ada Mall

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The meeting place in Belgrade, Serbia! The architectural language of the building is inspired by its proud surroundings, as does the landscape design, following the building’s smooth and flowing lines. Ada Mall forms part of our retail lighting design portfolio.

Linear lighting is integrated and concealed within the architectural design of the façade. The colour changing dynamics of the façade lighting means that any colour can be displayed and even colourful patterns can be created to signal seasonal events, such as Christmas, Valentines, national cultural events and such forth. This is all done via the Pharos Lighting Control solution, which was included within the overall lighting control system. A large “green wall”, including the project signage, is uplit, creating a clear and dramatic entrance zone to the project. The interior entrance lighting has been designed to draw the eye through into the project, encouraging the public into the mall.

The flowing design continues within the tiered landscape design. Each tiered level includes functional lighting for the public to safely walk and dine outside, but also includes sensitively planned landscape lighting, highlighting the planting and further green elements. This is the area where the public can fully interact with the project, they can view the iconic Sava river from the terrace, perfect for photo opportunities or evenings out with family and friends. The lighting levels have been set for the perfect evening experience in Belgrade.

On entrance into the mall, the customer is greeted by a dynamic, multi-level view, with each floor of the mall linked and interacting with each other. Linear lighting concealed within the architecture further accentuates this cleaver interacting of levels. Reflecting the colour changing scheme of the exterior façade; the interior lines of light can also change colour! This means that through the course of an operational day the lighting can subtly change colour, suiting to the time of the day. Similar to the façade, during seasonal events, the linear lighting can reflect the event. For example; during Valentines week, red or magenta could be used, encouraging the public to embrace the retail experience.

The food hall has a stripped back aesthetic, the modular dining furniture being arranged in different layouts throughout the year. Adjustable track mounted spotlights are used within the food hall, meaning that the can be focussed to whatever the furniture layout may be.

Ada Mall: 


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