Centro Commerciale I Gigli is a popular shopping centre on the outskirts of Firenze (Florence) in Tuscany, Italy. Over the past years a large refurbishment of the centre has been taking place. As with any refurbishment, the lighting design plays a central role. I Gigli forms part of our retail lighting design portfolio

The project is separated into phased areas to develop, such as entrance courts, malls, retail arcades, gallerias, food halls and break-out zones. Each area has been carefully planned to not only provide general illumination, but to also include a large degree of decorative and architectural lighting design. SKR Lighting Design worked alongside renowned retail specialist architects Design International to create exciting and energy efficient lighting design schemes in each special area of the project.

Large architectural volumes are filled with a subtle colour change of light each evening and night. Each luminaire has been carefully specified and located strategically, to provide the best possible output. Ceiling coves have dual colour lighting concealed within them; this allows for pure colour mixing. During the daylight hours, a clean white light is used. Once dusk begins to fall, coloured light is introduced, the colour is programmed to match that of the architectural coloured lighting. The astronomical clock within the lighting control system gives the signal to begin the colour change cycle. Special decorative items within the project, such as chandeliers, are highlighted by automated theatrical lighting, which is integrated within the existing architecture. High-resolution LED screens are designed to be incorporated into various architectural elements, such as columns and fascia. This innovative use of technology and design creates an exciting and interesting visual, captivating the public.

The general illumination of the project is provided by several different methods and luminaires, depending on the surrounding architecture and interior design. In the larger volumed areas, such as the courts and atriums, high-output adjustable spotlights are used. Small recessed adjustable downlights are used in the single-height areas.

The lighting control system is absolute key for the project, not only to be visually pleasing, but also essential for energy consumption. For the majority of our large-scale retail projects, we produce “scene schedules” along with a “lighting control schedule” to instruct the lighting control system integrator on what to program into the system. By utilising a lighting control system, the energy and maintenance costs are significantly reduced.


Igigli Multi-Media https://www.skrlight.com/ourprojects/i-gigli-multi-media/ 

Centro Commerciale Igigli www.igigli.it/en

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