Aspect Press

Aspect Press

Located within a quiet E2 environmental zone and valley, this was treated as an effective dark sky area of the Kent countryside. A former stable yard here was to be transformed into a work and production space for a print company relocating from southeast London, complete with additional office space for other small businesses.

We were brought on board by Ecology Consultants and bat experts Ecology-by-Design to work with the client from Aspect Press, and their planning consultants Fuller Long, to survey the existing site and plan a new exterior lighting scheme. This was required to help discharge a planning condition relating to a section about a recent bat report in the area.

We provided the client with a full lighting strategy that would be sensitive to the surrounding wildlife and migratory bats. This included an Isolux contour map showing light spillage down to 1LUX, a schedule of lighting equipment, and control guidance. The scheme covered all the staff areas, parking, entrances, and delivery areas.

The new scheme would provide a safe, welcoming, and working environment for the premises for both employees, visitors and tenants – and we are proud to report that planning permission has been granted, lighting scheme included.

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