Surrey Housing Development

This 12 house development is located within a rural and very quiet E1/E2 environmental zone. This was treated as an effective dark sky area of the Surrey countryside. This former chicken farm site is surrounded by a protected ancient woodland with a roosting bat population, therefore any scheme needed to be fully lighting compliant before being able to discharge the planning condition.

SKR were brought into the project by Ecology Consultants and bat report experts Ecology-by-Design to work with the client, developer and planning consultant to create a sensitive lighting scheme to limit the impact of light pollution from artificial light on nature conservation to satisfy the planning conditions.

SKR carried out a detailed day and night lighting survey of the existing site, which included analysis of the existing agricultural buildings and current lighting, measuring light levels, light spill and all current light pollution on the site and taking note of problematic light pollution from some neighbouring properties for the record.

We provided the client with a full lighting strategy that would be sensitive to the surrounding wildlife and roosting bats, that included an Isolux contour map showing light spillage down to 1LUX, a schedule of lighting equipment and lighting control guidance. This covered all the house plots, garages, gardens, pathways, and parking.

The new scheme would provide a safe, welcoming feeling for the future new residents, while still being a safe dark zone for bats, all other wildlife and enhance the biodiversity.

This was the testimonial from our client David Jacobs, Director at St John Homes (Thames Valley) Ltd

We were introduced to Neil Skinner at SKR Lighting Design through recommendation. The Local Planning Authority requested an external lighting survey to assess the impacts of our residential development proposal on a former chicken farm site in a sensitive landscape and ecological setting (inclusive of ancient woodland on part of the site boundaries). Neil undertook a thorough review of the site measuring the current external lighting impacts and designed a sensitive external lighting scheme in conjunction with our appointed ecologists Ecology by Design for our proposed scheme. The follow up report resulted in the LPA being satisfied with the proposals and the external lighting scheme.

Neil was a pleasure to work with and successfully addressed the issues raised in a prompt and thorough manner. I would highly recommend SKR for this skillset which we are now seeing as a more common requirement on our future projects.”

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