The Gate

The Crown Estates
Project Date:
Faulkner Browns

As one of the top destination in Newcastle, The Gate had a complete architectural make-over in 2016 and SKR worked closely with Faulkner Brown Architects to create a new enhanced scheme that would give visual impact when viewed from the famous Bigg Market and Newgate Street. The exterior lighting was sensitively design so not to create unwanted light pollution, but at the same time draw attention and generate local buzz. Colour changing projectors with precise light beam optics were used to uplight the facade canopy, whilst not spilling light into the night sky. Carefully focussed adjustable spotlights were used to illuminate the entrance vestibule, clearly indicating the entrance for the public. These were supplemented with further colour changing projectors which enhance the entertainment and theatrical character of the project.

A large amount of design work and engineering went into the planning of the architectural effect lighting, which brought the interior of The Gate to life in mesmerising fashion. Elements such as theatrical animated projection, architectural lighting accents, fibre optic effect ceilings, colour changing lift-shafts and escalators and panelled light boxes all contributing to making The Gate interior the most exciting project within its location.

The centre piece of the project was a unique chandelier to represent champagne or prosecco bubbles in a glass. SKR Lighting worked alongside lighting product designers Northern Lights to manufacture unique products and brought in Robe Entertainment Lighting products to further animate the space. Together a show-stopping scene and environment was developed and realised.

The Crown Estate

The Gate 

Northern Lights

Faulkner Brown


The Gate Chandelier 

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