Village Tennis Club

Village Tennis Club

A village tennis club with three courts needed to add a floodlighting scheme for club tournaments, and it needed to meet Lawn Tennis Association requirements. They had previously had multiple planning applications refused due to the perceived light pollution the proposal would create.

At SKR, we reviewed the project to find a solution. The club is located on the edge of a rural village, and it needed a precise scheme approach for its lighting plan to limit the light spill, as there were neighbours who lived very close to the courts who would be affected.

The final solution we came up with was to light two out of three courts at any one time, and to use lower columns and better floodlighting with exact light cut-off requirements.

With these measures confirmed, we were able to demonstrate a much lower perceived light pollution impact on local wildlife, and neighbours as well – and with this in place, the scheme was passed by the local authority.

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