The refurbishment of the ever-popular Igigli shopping centre in Florence required not only lighting design, but also creative help with their request for multimedia throughout the project. Rather than typical flat displays, the client wanted to integrate the displays within the architecture and to create a more imaginative and playful environments.

SKR Lighting worked alongside architects Design International to develop a number of potential concepts for the screens. Once agreed on how the screens should interact with the spaces, we took the designs to LED screen experts DIGILED. Working to a tight schedule we were able to deliver the design to site and commission the working screens.


Centro Commerciale Igigli 

Originally built in 2003 to the design of Sud Architects, Manufaktura has been at the cultural centre of Lodz, Poland. 20 years on it was commissioned for a revitalisation project to adapt it to the standards of a modern day visitor. In collaboration with an international team of designers and investor, Manufaktura has been equipped with state of the art lighting and control system to bring back its vibrancy and become so much more than a shopping mall, it’s now a destination for friends and family to meet, eat, shop and spend quality time together.

Nested at the heart of the red brick factory buildings that were once buzzing with textile machinery and now also readapted with fashionable restaurants, entertainment and shops.



Near to Venice, the Nave de Vero shopping centre has become a leisure destination. Architecturally designed as a nod to Venice’s history of trade on the seas, the lighting emphasises the shapes and geometry of the architecture. It was the first Italian building within the region to have claimed the much sough-after “Very Good” BREEAM certification, for its sustainability rating, of which the Lighting Design played a large role in.

Functional, architectural and entertainment lighting all crossed over in this exciting project.

In partnership with architects Design International.



State of the art multi-media screen as the centre piece at the foyer entrance to Posnania is 11m tall, suspended from the ceiling and is visible from both the outside and internally from the mall spaces and food court. It is it the mesh structure that gives the screen the transparency and lightness and the especially engineered pixel pitch of 25x25mm or smaller, displaying advertising, games and digital messages. It its designed for the content to be displayed during daylight hours and dimmed after dusk as part of the overall lighting control system.


Digital Signage IMS: 



AND Architects

Posnania Chandelier 


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