Located within a quiet E2 environmental zone and valley, this was treated as an effective dark sky area of the Kent countryside. A former stable yard here was to be transformed into a work and production space for a print company relocating from southeast London, complete with additional office space for other small businesses.

We were brought on board by Ecology Consultants and bat experts Ecology-by-Design to work with the client from Aspect Press, and their planning consultants Fuller Long, to survey the existing site and plan a new exterior lighting scheme. This was required to help discharge a planning condition relating to a section about a recent bat report in the area.

We provided the client with a full lighting strategy that would be sensitive to the surrounding wildlife and migratory bats. This included an Isolux contour map showing light spillage down to 1LUX, a schedule of lighting equipment, and control guidance. The scheme covered all the staff areas, parking, entrances, and delivery areas.

The new scheme would provide a safe, welcoming, and working environment for the premises for both employees, visitors and tenants – and we are proud to report that planning permission has been granted, lighting scheme included.

Located on one of London’s most famous roads; Tower Bridge Road, architects Design International purchased a former warehouse from the early 20th Century, situated just a few steps away from Tower Bridge itself!

Over the years the in-house architects have been refurbishing each level of the converted building. The lower ground level, formally a sound recording studio, has been converted into a communal multi-use area. The space can be used for presentations, meetings, social events, cooking and dining, or simply taking five minutes respite away from their computers screens!

We wanted to utilise the existing structure and avoid visible light sources as much as possible. Structural “I” beams run across the ceiling and lend themselves to concealing small linear light sources. The output and positioning of the linear light produces enough illumination to open up the space at night time. Three micro downlights, with “darklight” reflectors, are recessed into the ceiling directly above the kitchen island. The beauty of these downlights are that they are so small, you do not realise they are there until being within very close proximity, yet they still generate plentiful amount of light for kitchen tasks.

For party nights, the scheme is easily adaptable to use colour changing lights, to instantly create a buzzing atmosphere to encourage fun sociable evenings!

Contemporary tile specification company, Parkside, have their head office in Leicester and SKR provided the dynamic space with a modern and practical lighting design. The Leicester studio is an open plan, industrial style space. Along with the main showroom, there are offices, meeting rooms and other public areas. All of which required a different lighting design approach.

As the nature of the project means that staff and customers are closely inspecting the products, a very high colour rending light source is required. We ensured that the specified lighting products all had a colour rendering of 97Ra. By using a track & spotlight system the client would be able to make adjustments to furniture layouts in the future and they would be able to adjust the lighting fixtures accordingly. The adaptability of the track & spotlight system also means that a display unit can be illuminated form multiple angles, which enhances the products further.

Parkside Tiles: https://www.parkside.co.uk/architect-designer/ 

Originally, a large car park site located near Heathrow Airport, with neighbouring farm-land and a cemetery. Planning permission was required to develop the site into storage units, with minimal working light – while still providing enough light to be safe and secure for employees and visitors, and to create a pleasant and welcoming place to work and visit.

We were approached by planning consultant BERRYS to provide a site survey and develop a lighting strategy that would be sympathetic to this balance, and to meet the need for low light pollution impact on the local environment. We carried out a photographic site survey, light level LUX readings, and produced a lighting scheme with isolux contour maps which illustrated where we would plan to limit the impact of light pollution from the proposed artificial light. All of our plans followed reduction of obtrusive light guidelines, and limited light spill into the adjacent biodiverse habitats in the cemetery and farmland.

Planning permission was granted, with our lighting scheme included.

The prestigious UK Atomic Energy Authority visitor centre in Oxford: a UK Government scientific research facility, which required support from us for the lighting elements of a major planning application.

The site sits on the edge of a brightly illuminated area, however there are also significant rural and dark sky areas to the east and west of the site, as well as a recently surveyed area of trees with an active bat population. Isolux contour maps were included within the lighting report, with special consideration for where equipment would be placed throughout the site, and what specific equipment would be used.

There is plenty of activity and traffic in and around the site, with car parks, security checks, pedestrian access, and cycle routes all requiring illumination. Links to the railway station and congregation zones also had to be factored in. Each area required a considered lighting approach, whilst limiting the impact of artificial light spillage and pollution.

Working in close collaboration with architects Ridge and landscape architects LDA,  we produced a lighting design concept and full detailed lighting design package for the exterior entrance and landscapes – plus a lighting strategy planning document, which formed part of the overall planning application which was coordinated by Ridge.

We’re proud to have supported this complex planning application – which was approved.



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