About Us

Our Story

SKR Lighting Design provides a highly creative and technical lighting design consultancy service, covering your entire project from concept to completion. We were founded by Neil Skinner in 2012, but our experience stretches back almost three decades working on architectural and multimedia lighting projects in Ireland, the UK, and internationally. We provide a whole range of lighting design services from small private residential extensions to huge shopping malls, as well as consultancy for planning applications and environmental compliance.

Our Vision

Light is quite literally a force of nature, influencing the psychology, physiology, and biology of all living things. Understanding how to harness this force of nature for human benefit - as well as the impact it can have on surrounding ecosystems - is an art and a science.

At SKR our Vision is to merge nature, art, and science; blending technical and emotional creativity to create stunning – yet functional – art to bring structures and spaces to life.

We pride ourselves on collaborating fully with all members of a client’s team, together creating lighting with real impact on those who see it and interact with it.

Our Team

Meet the SKR Design Team

Neil Skinner

Founder and Director of SKR, Neil Skinner’s experience spans three decades in the lighting industry.

From creative beginnings studying Art & Design in his native Newcastle, Neil then completed a BA (Hons) in 3D Design in Sheffield, before moving to London to study the world-renowned MSc Light & Lighting course at UCL.

After several years as a product design engineer at THORN Lighting, Neil moved into Lighting Design in the mid-1990s. 

He has worked in over twenty countries on projects as diverse as cruise ships, public realm, theatres, bridges, cathedrals, residential, ancient and listed buildings, retail, hospitality, education, museums, art galleries, and events.

He lives in and runs the business from Oxfordshire, spreading his time between bases in Dublin and Newcastle.

Toby Koch

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Toby has been working at SKR Lighting Design as a Design Associate since 2016.

He has a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Lighting Design for stage and has been involved in the lighting industry since 2007. His experience covers projects in over twenty countries from country houses in Ireland to shopping malls in India; creating concepts and seeing projects through to site and completion.

Toby is from Shropshire but has lived and worked in London for many years. He is a massive fan of Italian football.

Shazeem K Salam

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Originally from an Electrical Engineering background, Shazeem has more than ten years' experience in lighting industry, largely in the Middle East. 

He has built a reputation for reliability, completing time-sensitive projects with efficiency and attention to detail.

Shazeem is passionate about creating an impact through lighting, so that it becomes a powerful attribute in any space. 

In addition to his technical skills, he also brings strong sales expertise, and a genuine flair for maintaining excellent client relationships.

Cillian Harte

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Cillian is the owner and founder of Visuation3D Ltd, SKR's partner for high-end 3D visualisation.

He provides 3D Visualisation services for property developers, architects, interior designers, and self-builders.

Cillian started his career as an architectural technologist before working onsite as a construction site engineer. He also taught 3D modelling for architectural students at the Fujian University of Technology in China.

Cillian is from Cork in Ireland and runs his business from Dublin. He has a keen interest is in keeping up to date with everything in the 3D visualisation and build environment world.
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