Design International Lounge

Design International
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Located on one of London’s most famous roads; Tower Bridge Road, architects Design International purchased a former warehouse from the early 20th Century, situated just a few steps away from Tower Bridge itself!

Over the years the in-house architects have been refurbishing each level of the converted building. The lower ground level, formally a sound recording studio, has been converted into a communal multi-use area. The space can be used for presentations, meetings, social events, cooking and dining, or simply taking five minutes respite away from their computers screens!

We wanted to utilise the existing structure and avoid visible light sources as much as possible. Structural “I” beams run across the ceiling and lend themselves to concealing small linear light sources. The output and positioning of the linear light produces enough illumination to open up the space at night time. Three micro downlights, with “darklight” reflectors, are recessed into the ceiling directly above the kitchen island. The beauty of these downlights are that they are so small, you do not realise they are there until being within very close proximity, yet they still generate plentiful amount of light for kitchen tasks.

For party nights, the scheme is easily adaptable to use colour changing lights, to instantly create a buzzing atmosphere to encourage fun sociable evenings!

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