Parkside Showroom and Office

Parkside Tiles
Project Date:
Dijon Designs

Contemporary tile specification company, Parkside, have their head office in Leicester and SKR provided the dynamic space with a modern and practical lighting design. The Leicester studio is an open plan, industrial style space. Along with the main showroom, there are offices, meeting rooms and other public areas. All of which required a different lighting design approach.

As the nature of the project means that staff and customers are closely inspecting the products, a very high colour rending light source is required. We ensured that the specified lighting products all had a colour rendering of 97Ra. By using a track & spotlight system the client would be able to make adjustments to furniture layouts in the future and they would be able to adjust the lighting fixtures accordingly. The adaptability of the track & spotlight system also means that a display unit can be illuminated form multiple angles, which enhances the products further.

Parkside Tiles: 

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