Posnania Chandelier

Project Date:

Within the high-end Crystal Forum court at Posnania, a large focal point was required. SKR went about the brief and worked alongside architects and interior designers to develop a very large ceiling feature that would eventually become Europe’s largest!

SKR began the design process for the chandelier and followed the project through until commissioning. By coordinating with special chandelier company. SKR worked up a design which would be a spectacle during both day and night hours. Suspended cylindrical pendants were designed to have different textures, which would each react slightly differently to daylight. At nighttime colour changing projectors illuminate on to and through the pendants, allowing endless possibilities to create colourful scenes within the Crystal Forum.

Posnania https://posnania.eu/ 

APSYS https://en.apsysgroup.com/

AND Architects http://www.andarchitects.co.uk/

Signify Lighting https://www.colorkinetics.com/global/showcase/posnania-shopping-center

Preciosa https://www.preciosa.com/en/home

David Mesguich http://www.davidmesguich.com/new-index#/lucie/

Posnania Lighting Project https://www.skrlight.com/ourprojects/posnania/ 

Posnania Multi-Media https://www.skrlight.com/ourprojects/psnania/

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