Treehouse Alnwick Garden

Northumberland Estates
Project Date:

Completed in 2004, Neil Skinner designed the concept for this scheme in conjunction with NAPPER Architects from Newcastle. As lighting designers, it is our duty to enhance the appearance of our projects and there are not many better examples of this than Alnwick Gardens Tree House.

This magical treehouse building and restaurant needed a warm atmospheric scheme for the interior and exterior.

The interior design is an organic and flowing environment, in which was a design challenge to integrate not only functional illumination but also decorative lighting features. As with all of our design work; function illumination is accounted for first, the users of the space need to be able to navigate and feel comfortable in their surroundings. Discreet spotlights were carefully located, adjustability of the spotlights was also important, as this allowed the light to be focussed in the desired way. As so much of the material used is natural and has very rich tones, the quality of light needed to be of the best quality, with a high colour rendering light source. This ensured that the appearance of the wooden interior was to its truest form and further enhanced the natural environment.

Mini-festoon lighting was used to bring the project to life. The festoons were integrated within the furniture and interior elements, such as the natural tree branches. By using this simple, yet original, lighting technique, the interior of the project became a magical fairy tale-like setting. Sparking the imagination of visitors and guests, the decorative lighting added the essential atmospheric dynamic to the project.

The exterior lighting adopted theatrical lighting effects to add a sense of drama, while being cosy, warm and welcoming. The structure of the treehouse is dramatically uplit, which draws the public eye to this significant and unique project, generating excitement and intrigue. The surrounding woodland is also partially illuminated, enforcing the entire concept of the project belonging to the natural surroundings.

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