The Athens Concert Hall is a truly magnificent building with a varied pallet of materials, shapes and volumes exposing its grandeur. The lighting design is equally multifaceted, ranging from theatrical bright and dark contrasting lighting all the way to ambient, intimate, and warm areas where that is more appropriate. The interior of the concert hall sparkles with bright lights, to bring out the magic of the place, intelligently controlled to make room for the performances, always the feature of the Concert Hall.

Project Lighting Designer Neil Skinner whilst at LDP/Lightmatters.

The Mary McAleese Boyne Valley Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge in County Meath, and County LouthIreland.[1] It spans the Boyne River 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) west of Drogheda on the county boundary between County Meath and County Louth and is part of the M1 Northern Motorway. When it opened in June 2003, it was the longest cable-stayed bridge in Ireland until 19 October 2009, when the River Suir Bridge opened on the M25. The bridge was built from 2000 to 2003.

A landmark lighting project on the M1 motorway from Dublin to Belfast, at a total length of 300meters long and a height of 80meters. This monumental project required high-level attention to detail throughout the process. Continual coordination between all parties ensured that the lighting project delivered, whilst respecting all highway codes. Precise cool white custom engineered projectors with additional glare control and specially selected blue colour filters were used to wash the structure and create a beacon within the night landscape. The actual road lighting was also specially design and configured, with blue light sources to match the architectural lighting of the bridge structure.

Project Lighting Designer Neil Skinner whilst at LDP/Lightmatters

SKR Lighting Design were tasked with providing dramatic yet sympathetic and practical lighting to illuminate ‘Castle Mound’ in Oxford, on which defences were built in 1071AD for William the Conqueror. Whilst the castle itself is no longer there, Castle Mound itself is a considerable feature of the landscape: 64ft high and 81ft in diameter, with a well chamber 20ft below the surface added to the top of the mound in the thirteenth century.

The mound needed to be lit on a practical level to illuminate its paths to the summit, but also to provide an attractive and intriguing presentation of the mound which would be visible from a distance. the impact of light pollution on the surrounding environment and energy efficiency also had to be considered, as well as due consideration given to the age and Grade-1-listed status of the monument.

We worked closely with architects, archaeologists, and the local heritage authority to decide on a design. We illuminated the meandering pathways using colour changing floor washers – practical but striking. The existing lighting to the trees on the mound was replaced with colour-changing and energy-efficient light sources.

The end result is a beautiful celebration of an ancient landmark, without negative impact on the surrounding cityscape.  

The Rows at Chester are a unique series of two tired and mostly black and white half-timbered buildings joined with long galleries used as shopping arcades. They consist of covered walkways at the first floor behind which are entrances to shops while at street level is another set of shops and other premises. Rows were built in the four main streets leading out from Chester Cross.

Dating from the medieval era, the Rows may have been built on top of rubble remaining from the ruins of Roman buildings, but their origin is still subject to speculation. Today the premises on the street and Row levels are used for a variety of purposes; most are shops, but there are also offices, restaurants, cafés, and meeting rooms. Chester Rows are one of the city’s main tourist attractions.

Project Lighting Designer Neil Skinner whilst at LDP/Lightmatters 

The refurbishment of the ever-popular Igigli shopping centre in Florence required not only lighting design, but also creative help with their request for multimedia throughout the project. Rather than typical flat displays, the client wanted to integrate the displays within the architecture and to create a more imaginative and playful environments.

SKR Lighting worked alongside architects Design International to develop a number of potential concepts for the screens. Once agreed on how the screens should interact with the spaces, we took the designs to LED screen experts DIGILED. Working to a tight schedule we were able to deliver the design to site and commission the working screens.


Centro Commerciale Igigli 

Within the high-end Crystal Forum court at Posnania, a large focal point was required. SKR went about the brief and worked alongside architects and interior designers to develop a very large ceiling feature that would eventually become Europe’s largest!

SKR began the design process for the chandelier and followed the project through until commissioning. By coordinating with special chandelier company. SKR worked up a design which would be a spectacle during both day and night hours. Suspended cylindrical pendants were designed to have different textures, which would each react slightly differently to daylight. At nighttime colour changing projectors illuminate on to and through the pendants, allowing endless possibilities to create colourful scenes within the Crystal Forum.



AND Architects

Signify Lighting


David Mesguich

Posnania Lighting Project 

Posnania Multi-Media

State of the art multi-media screen as the centre piece at the foyer entrance to Posnania is 11m tall, suspended from the ceiling and is visible from both the outside and internally from the mall spaces and food court. It is it the mesh structure that gives the screen the transparency and lightness and the especially engineered pixel pitch of 25x25mm or smaller, displaying advertising, games and digital messages. It its designed for the content to be displayed during daylight hours and dimmed after dusk as part of the overall lighting control system.


Digital Signage IMS: 



AND Architects

Posnania Chandelier 


Smithfield Square is a community at the heart of Dublin 7. Created as a bustling cultural quarter, Smithfield Square is a vibrant area on Dublin’s northside. Right on the Luas Line, the square boasts high-end apartments as well as commercial property.

As a large historic market square space in Central Dublin, the brief was to provide general illumination and create a landmark. Neil skinner help develop custom designed 25m tall special masts. Included within the mast were ceremonial gas flame burners and high output narrow beam projectors, mounted in a linear arms 5m above the ground which project up to the reflective sails above. These magnificent sails are 3m square and are used to reflect the light softly across the space.

2021 Photography by James Mathews

As one of the top destination in Newcastle, The Gate had a complete architectural make-over in 2016 and SKR worked closely with Faulkner Brown Architects to create a new enhanced scheme that would give visual impact when viewed from the famous Bigg Market and Newgate Street.

The centrepiece of the project was a unique chandelier to represent champagne or prosecco bubbles in a glass. SKR Lighting worked alongside lighting product designers Northern Lights to manufacture unique products needed to produce this effect, and brought in Robe Entertainment Lighting products to further animate the space. Together we designed, created and realised this show-stopping scene, celebrating this great local attraction and drawing in even more visitors in the years to come.

The Crown Estate

The Gate 

Northern Lights

The Gate 

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